Benefits of attending our Day Care Centre

At Memory Lane we focus on the individual needs of each client in order to build a care plan to suit them and offer activities that we know they will enjoy.

Cognitive Stimulation is a key element of our activities and we choose activities that are not only enjoyable, but also help to wake up those tired brain cells. Music is featured throughout the day and is a brilliant way of engaging people to joyful activity.

Clients leave our day center with smiles on their faces, feeling uplifted and relaxed. We also encourage people to do things for themselves, often prompting rather than doing it for them.

People living with dementia often feel that they have no control over their daily activities at home and it can be a frightening experience to realise that they cannot do the simple things any longer. Here at Memory Lane our clients are infused with a sense of purpose and normality. People are encouraged to build relationships with new friends and often this can be comforting and reassuring that they are not alone in the dementia journey.

The added benefit of someone attending day care is that the carer at home (often a husband/wife or son/daughter) is given some respite from the full-time caring roll that can be so very difficult to cope with. Carer breaks are essential to the well being and relationship between a carer and their loved one.

When someone has attended the day center we hope that they return to their carer in a better mood and also ready for a good night’s sleep.

Our staff can feed back to the carer at home throughout the day to reassure them that their loved one is enjoying the day. It’s quite common for our clients to forget what they have done during their visit , or what they had to eat. We keep records of our daily activities and constantly review our activity schedule to ensure that everyone benefits.

All in all, Memory Lane provides a safe haven in a non-clinical setting. There is a feeling of “home” here at the center and we do all we can to allow people with dementia to live in their own home for as long as possible.