Our Team

Our team


Amanda Botterill

Having had a varied career over the years, I can honestly say that this is the best job I ever had! It all started when my mum Margaret was diagnosed with dementia and I became one of her main carers. Looking after mum was such a joy, but it was also difficult at times and it made me realise that there were not many specialist, dementia related services in the community.

My background is in business start-up and management, and the skills I learned over the years enabled me to start this new business with confidence.

Dementia Day Care is a unique and challenging business, but it is also extremely rewarding when we can make a resounding difference to people’s lives.

I am so proud of all the staff here at Memory Lane as they truly understand the ethos of the work we do.


Pam Clough

We started Memory Lane Day Care centre after we both myself and Amanda had a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s within 6 months of one another in 2010. Since beginning in March 2016 one day a week and with 4-5 clients, the business has grown in strength and now we run our centre 6 days a week with around 18 clients per day. We both love our work and feel a lot of pride and achievement that we are helping vulnerable people in the community and keeping people who would otherwise be in care homes with their families. For both of us it is the best job we have ever had.
Floor Manager

Tracy Locke

I started working Memory lane 4 years ago, after looking after current clients at home. Pam and Amanda asked  me to come and work as a member of staff for Memory Lane and I accepted immediately. I come from a domiciliary care background and found the travelling and hours required very draining. Working for Memory Lane I give respite to carers and get to help people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia which is very rewarding. I’m Lucky that I never had to endure this disease with my parents, and I feel I’m giving something back to the community. There is a calming atmosphere and I love the family feel that is created for our clients. We have a lot of support for and acceptance of the difficulties that the carers go through which is wonderful. It is such a great place to work.

Minibus Driver

Bill Botterill

I find working at memory lane the most rewarding job I have ever done. Seeing the clients engage with each other and go home with a smile on their face gives me pride In myself that I’ve never felt in any of the other jobs I’ve done. The fact we are helping people stay out of care and at home with their families makes me like I have achieved a lot every day when I come to work.

Kitchen Manager

Amanda Butterfield

I have been with Memory lane since we opened five years ago and I feel very privileged to be part of the amazing team of people. Watching the clients we have go home every day with a smile on their face and knowing we have given their carers some much needed respite, has given me pride in myself and makes me feel like I am making a difference to people’s lives.
Carer/ Administrative Assistant

Ella Malthouse

I started working for Memory lane three years ago as an apprentice in business administration, and after I finished my apprenticeship I was employed full time by Amanda and Pam. I like the fact this job is so varied and something different happens every day. I really enjoy helping elderly people in the community and learning from their experiences and life stories. We are like a big family at Memory Lane and it is great that our clients feel so welcome when they come to visit.
NVQ Level 3 Carer

Amy Arnott

I have been working at Memory Lane for almost 3 years and I really enjoy working here.I like building relationships with the clients we have and enjoy watching them grow in confidence. The interaction and responses I get from people make my job very rewarding. I love coming to work everyday and making a difference and since working at Memory Lane I feel more confident in myself.

Olivia Bullough

I joined the Memory lane family in January 2020 as a volunteer for the Saturday café, Due to Covid-19 I found myself with a lot of spare time and was able to volunteer more which resulted in being offered a full time position as carer on the sitting service. Working for the Sitting service means everyday is different, I get to visit individuals in their own homes and give their caregivers a break. I love feeling that although I’m often at different peoples homes I can come back to do some occasional work at the day centre and feel like I’m part of the family.
NVQ Level 3 Carer

Gail Waite

Gail Waite NVQ Level 3 carer joined Memory Lane in July 2019 after working as a Community Carer for two years , and previous to that as an Inclusion Support Assistant in a primary school. If people with dementia continue to do as much as they can, it helps to keep them active, maintain skills and improves their well being. At Memory Lane I help to provide person centred activities to support this, within a safe family atmosphere. I love my work. Listening to clients wonderful stories and helping to make a positive difference to their lives and providing much needed respite for their loved ones.
Head of fundraising for the CIC

Amy Harris

I joined Memory Lane in a professional capacity in August 2018, after giving up teaching primary school children, which freed up some more time to concentrate on looking after my young son. I started running the Saturday Community Café and have since become involved in fundraising and organising events throughout the year. I love Working to help people in the community and knowing that the money we raise will directly help vulnerable people lead better lives.

John Harris

My wife Amy, works at Memory Lane, managing all the staff rotas etc. One day she was short staffed and asked if I would help out. I loved the work so much that I decided to change jobs!

I am enjoying helping out with transport runs and also providing one to one care for some of our clients. I spend time with them, talking, walking, playing games and more. It had never occurred to me that I could be a carer but people seem to enjoy my company and I am very happy to be making a difference to people’s daily enjoyment of life.

Emily Jo Simpson

I started working at Memory Lane following my work there as a volunteer on a work placement from college in July 2021.

Amanda and Pam liked my work and offered me an apprenticeship which I was so happy to accept.

I have almost finished my training and will soon be a fully qualified level 3 carer in Adult Social Care.

I love working with the other members of staff and working as a team is great fun. Spending time with people who need our help and encouragement is very rewarding and seeing people smiling helps me see how fortunate I am to be in this job.

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We have no permanent openings at present however we are always looking for volunteers to support us.

Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience, if you want to join our team, please email us a completed volunteer form to hello@memorylanecare.co.uk – to download the form, click here.

I am writing this on behalf of myself and my mother. In the short time that my dad has been attending Memory Lane day centre, they have been very happy with the whole set up, they have had no problems. They think it is well organised and all the staff are excellent, friendly, pleasant and understanding. They work hard to provide different activities and it is just like home from home. It gives mam some me time. We are very satisfied and thankful for everything they do.
Edward Walker