Memory Lane Garden

A Tranquil Space to remember loved ones

We moved into Ingots building in 2018 as we needed more space to expand.

After we had settled in we found a small area of land at the end of the building which served as a bin store. We had the idea to clear the area and make a small garden as the views across Yeadon Tarn were so beautiful.

Amanda’s son Will, (Alpha Construction) was tasked with building a seating area and some planters and he made a fantastic space for our clients to enjoy. Will gave his time free of charge and many local firms assisted by giving free or discounted materials. Chana Stores on Henshaw Lane, Yeadon gave us a great discount on shrubs and flowers and we were so grateful for everyone’s help.
We contacted the Lord Mayor of Leeds, at that time – Councillor Graham Latty, who attended to officially open our Memory Garden in April 2019.

Over the years we have sadly lost some of our clients to the effects of dementia and we now use the garden as a place of remembrance. We place plaques on the garden furniture, to remember our departed friends.

People who pass by, when walking around the Tarn, have often asked if they can place a plaque in memory of their loved ones and we now have a scheme for people to make a donation to Memory Lane Trust, in return for a plaque. These donations help us to maintain the garden and to plant more flowers.

Place a Plaque

We have created a place of remembrance for people to be near to their loved ones in heaven.
Memorial plaques can be purchased for a reasonable fee which also helps with the ongoing maintenance of the space.

You can download a form here (alternatively for a PDF version, click here).

My husband Derek used to come to Memory Lane for Day Care and it gave me a much needed break from caring for him at home. When Derek died, Amanda and Pam asked me if I would like to place a memorial plaque in their sensory garden. I was overjoyed to have a place to visit Derek from time to time and just to sit in this lovely tranquil space with a lovely view of the Tarn and reflect on the life and happy times we shared. I often bring a plant for Derek and if the staff see me there they will bring me a cup of tea. It really does help me knowing that Derek is remembered with such fondness.